09 May 2009

cyborg no longer

Did you hear? The era of the cyborg is gone, baby, gone!

On March 22, while I was heavily medicated but fully awake and aware, Dr M dug the two-headed dog out of my chest. The area was completely numbed, but I could still feel him pulling and clipping and sewing. And then it was over, and I was CYBORG NO LONGER!

Click here for some pics

And now that I'm human again, I have discovered my inner poet. Enjoy...

[Mini] Ode to a Neuropath

By standing firm in cancer's swath
      While she's seeming e'er hot
She has become a neuropath
      Her tootsies now are feeling naught
At nighttime when her feet are bare
      Sensing socks no longer worn
           Until the peaceful sleep does come
Op'ning eyes to sunlight's glare
      Waking to a brand new morn
           She finds out that her hands are numb

Roll over, Walt Whitman - make way for Bonez the Bard!

Besides writing poetry, I am also an ardent fundraiser. Next month, I'm taking part in the MMRF Race for Research - proudly representing the Pop's Posse team. This is my fourth year racing, fifth year fundraising (the first year, I cyber-participated).

The MMRF raises research money for help find treatments, and ultimately a cure, for multiple myeloma. Although I personally don't have MM, it has deeply affected my life. My uncle Paul has been fighting it since 2004, and last month my best friend's mom lost her 7+ year battle. Multiple myeloma is a vicious cancer, and more research is desperately needed.

If you want to learn more about this foundation click here or here or here. But the point of it all is that I'm asking you to go to my fundraising page and donate. Or if you prefer, you can mail me a check made out to the MMRF with Pop's Posse on the memo line. (contact me for the address)

But PLEASE donate something! Anything! Do it now, before you forget! You know you want to...