25 April 2011

zpin cycle

How much of our laundry have we done so far? We’ve gone through the Wash Cycle, where we got loaded up with chemo and spent about 10 days agitating and sleeping. We’ve been in the Rinse Cycle, where the side effects of the drugs begin to drain out, but we also need to add the “softener” of medicine to control the pain and anxiety.

A Balanced Spinny
And now, here we are, finally in the Spin Cycle. During the Spin Cycle, the washtub rotates and the centrifugal force pushes all the water out of the clothes. Sometimes, the heavier clothes bunches up all on one side of the tub and you get a THUMP THUMP THUMP noise because the tub is spinning out of balance. Sometimes, when the spinning is over the clothes still feels wet as if it wasn’t quite spun enough.

Simply stated, the Spin Cycle can be unpredictable. Nine times out of ten it works exactly as expected, but that tenth time, it can throw you for a loop.

And that is what my Spin Cycle is like. UNPREDICTABLE!

It seems like it should go the same each time. The chemo drugs are pretty much out of my system. I’m fairly over the side effects, although I am still dealing with a fair amount of fatigue. My body is gearing up for the next round of chemo.

But then there are times that things go wonky. Constipation might come back with a vengeance. Pain may decide to settle in and keep me awake at night. I may be left with an overwhelming feeling of ennui. I might not be so hungry. And the addition of the catheter makes the wonky times all that much more....wonky.

And just as likely, I might feel great! I might have terrific energy. I might be able to do some light exercise. I might be eating three full meals each day, and cooking them to boot. And who knows? My catheter might be cooperative and feeling fine as well!

It simply depends - am I spinning in balance or out of balance?


Mom said...

I'm hoping for the spin to be IN balance!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's to the spin cycle being totally in balance!!!!!! love and prayers, emilie and bill

Anonymous said...

Another vote for IN BALANCE!!!!!

Diane said...

Hey Linda: IN BALANCE has to be the winner for you.

Your Cuz...DIANE